Things to consider for video poker

If you are aware of what you are doing, then video poker is the best possible casino game. But if you are oblivious then there are many better casino games available. Video poker players need to consider few points if they want to succeed. First step is to educate yourself about the game. Once you acquire the basic skills and strategies you open new horizons of consistent returns.


Paytable of the video poker game is the most crucial aspect everything comes after it. The available pay table makes all the difference it can give a success rate of hundred percent to it can drain the bankroll in few hours.  Study it carefully before you start the game. The available pay table in video poker machine in fun888 เข้าระบบ gives a glimpse what return you can get and what you are playing. If you are an ardent Jack or Bettor layer most ideal paytable is 9/6. You earn six coins for flush and nine coins for full house. You get a return of 99.5% in this paytable. You must understand the paytable that comes with every video poker machine.


After paytable most important aspect of video poker is strategy. With the best paytable you must imply the right strategy to reap the full benefit of it. If you don’t know how to play a hand in best possible way you are prone to more loss. Each base video poker machine requires different strategy, for instance Jacks or Bettor need different strategy than Deuces Wild games. You have to deploy different sets of strategy for each version of video poker game. Fortunately there is comprehensive video poker strategy that covers most mainstream game versions.


Veteran players can play five hundred or more rounds in an hour, and intermediate players can play three hundred or more. In contrary video poker is a solo game, so you can control the speed of the game at desired level. The number of hand you play is important as it determines the amount of loss or win. The more you play ever hour the more you risk the more is the probability of loss.  While playing in a video poker machine with a 99% return, you lose $10, per $1000 bet. But if you limit your stake to $500, you lose $5 per hour. You can play at desired speed in a video poker machine, but fast spaced costs more money in long run, and costs less at slower speed.

Video poker is the best casino game with good paytable and deployed strategy. But in some cases video poker machine with good paytable are not available. In this scenario best available option is blackjack. The return percentage of blackjack is similar to video poker. You can use strategy in blackjack like in video poker but strategy charts are not available for the blackjack. You need to use every possible option to enhance the odds. In video poker it is about understanding the paytable and use suitable strategy according to the type of the poker.

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