Fundamental Aspects of Texas Hold’em

The problem with a lot of gamblers is that they think they can move from a casino game to poker without any work. For them, losing is an inevitability as Texas Hold’em is unlike any other casino game available. Even for intermediate players, there is no guarantee of success and unless you regularly play at your peak, you will struggle to generate a decent win rate. The problem many have is that they ignore fundamental aspects of Texas Hold’em that are needed to become a force to be reckoned with at low to mid stakes. Fortunately for you we will share these fundamental parts in this article.

Hand Selection

The first challenge in Texas Hold’em is understanding the right hands to play. If you think you can just sit and start playing any two cards and win, you’re in for a surprise. Yet, this is what many beginners think they can do. They enter the pot with the most speculative of hands. They may even win some pots which is worse as it will re-enforce poor play. This is something that won’t serve you well in an online casino Malaysia, UK or anywhere else for that matter.

Pot Odds

An alien concept to even some experienced players, pot odds are a fundamental part of winning poker. Don’t worry, you don’t need a maths degree to understand the odds in Texas Hold’em. Just a cursory understanding of how to compute the basic odds you are being given. When facing a bet, just add the amount to call to the pot size and divide the amount to call by it. This will give you the decimal which you can multiple by 100 to get a percentage. The percentage is your pot odds which can help you decide whether a call is profitable. You may be on the river with 30% pot odds, therefore you need to predict your hand is best 30% or more of the time for a call to be profitable.

Positional Play

Finally, we come to playing position. As any poker player knows, the dealer button moving round changes your relative seat position in any given hand. The later position you are in, the more information you have as the hand progresses. The best poker players recognise that playing later position is an advantage that cannot be missed. They will exercise positional play to the max to ensure they are eeking out every dollar of profit.

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