What is the Best Form of Poker Training?

Poker training is a popular way of improving poker knowledge quickly. It allows players at varying levels of ability to access strategy, tips and insights from experts in a short space of time. Choosing to invest in poker training is one thing, but picking the right method is something altogether. In this post we’re going to share a few methods Texas Hold’em training available online. Hopefully you can find the best one for you.


Video membership clubs can be a cost-effective way to gain poker coaching. Whilst you are not getting 1to1 support like other methods offer, you are gaining knowledge cheaper. Most poker training sites offer a video membership for monthly or annual subscription. This is ideal for players who have small budgets and want to access high quality material without breaking their bankroll.


Discussions, engagement and Q and As with poker coaches is an awesome way to improve one’s knowledge too. Many poker training sites have branched into their area in recent years offering study sessions and webinars for members. It can work out relatively cheap when there are 10 or more students as the cost of a coach is split between more people. Chatting with other likeminded players and asking questions is a proven way of learning key areas on a topic so we definitely recommend this. Obviously, you need to know the basics of poker first so learn to play from a guide first.

Phone Call

This is probably the most expensive form of coaching out there. Most poker coaches worth their salt will not charge under $100 an hour. So, to get one to one coaching by phone call is almost always going to be the most expensive method. You’re going to have pay by the hour although some coaches offer discount for bulk purchases. This is definitely the most valuable method of coaching as a coach will give specific advice to a student. This can be invaluable to a player as sometimes they will find leaks they never knew existed. The tips you get can be used online or private poker games too.


Ultimately, the best form of poker training will be dependant on your situation. If you play mid stakes or have a larger budget then try out phone call coaching, otherwise you may want to try videos first. In the modern era, you can access poker content freely on streaming services like Twitch or YouTube but truthfully, most of it is rubbish so it’s better to invest properly in a poker training site.

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